Swiss Steak

My dad loves Swiss steak. I remember when I was a kid and he would get those ones bag things from the store to make this. We didn’t have it all the time, but I still remember these. So this one is for you dad.

2 lbs round steak, cut about 1 inch thick
Salt and pepper to taste
1 cup all purpose flour
1/4 cup cooking oil
1 12-oz can diced tomatoes with celery and onions
Cut the steak into 4 equal size pieces.
Pound the steak lightly with a meat tenderizer
Season with salt and pepper and dredge the meat in the flour
Heat a sauté pan over medium high heat and add the oil.
Sauté the beef until well browned then turn and repeat on the other side.
Put the browned meat into the slow cooker.
Add the diced tomatoes and cook for 3 hours on high or 6 on Low.
Serve the steak with some of the sauce over it.
Notes: We don’t care for celery so you can actually just use the tomatoes and onions and it turns out great too.

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